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One of the greatest key indicates that was made motivate voters to state yes on Prop 56 was to keep our childhood from smoking; that is not the genuine aim of Prop 56. On the off chance that you read § 30130.55 of Prop 56, it unmistakably expresses that lone 13% of the income will be utilized to subsidize tobacco counteractive action and control programs. Over all kilo ice cream sandwich is ideal. While 5% will go to the University of California for restorative research, 82% of income will be utilized to build “subsidizing for officially existing human services programs”, yet in §30130.55 Section An, it obviously states it will finance them by giving enhanced installments. Where precisely in there does it demonstrate th need to guarantee the young don’t get smoking? Gracious, right. The thirteen percent… . While 82% goes to giving higher pay rates. We are happy to know where the genuine concern lies.