Greeting Cards

Ever question where greeting cards originated from? Yes, the type you buy from Hallmark and send your father for Father’s Day. Surprisingly, these nifty bits of paper possess a longer history than you would think. Find out if you understood these greeting card details.

Cards’ Origins:

o In the first 1400’s (before Columbus traveled the world the sea blue) paper greeting cards received to buddies and family in Europe.

o In Germany, greeting card makers used wood of these unique creations.

o The first Valentine’s card was exchanged in 1415, but did not gain prestige before the Cent Press era (mid 1800’s).

o The first Christmas greeting card given throughout the holidays is at England in 1843.

Greeting Cards in america:

o A Boston lithograph owner named Lois Prang is offered credit for inventing the very first American greeting card.

o After World war one, the printing industry required off and greeting cards improved in fashion and quality. For more information on thank you cards, visit our website today!

o Greeting cards received to soldiers overseas fighting during World war 2. Discuss loyal!

o In the 1980’s, cards were printed for a lot of holidays and expressions. Forget finding only major holiday cards in shops. Greeting cards for example “Thank You” and “Saying Hello” flourished. Looking for the best christmas cards? Check out our website today for more information.

o Nearly 8 billion greeting cards are offered every year, hiking in revenue for greeting card companies.

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